TAMED Research Partners

Host Institution

The University of Malta is the highest university in Malta. There are some 10,000 students including over 750 foreign/exchange students from nearly 80 different countries. The Institute of Digital Games was established in 2013, within the University of Malta, and houses a multi- disciplinary research group with backgrounds from Computer Science, the Arts, and the Humanities. The institute is (or has been) involved in several national and international research projects. Institute’s members are involved in the IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games Society, and are members of the editorial boards of the most prestigious journals in the areas of games research and AI. The Institute has established collaborations in the proposed research topic with numerous academic institutes as a result of previous and current research activities in the framework of international and national projects.

Secondment Organization

Massive Entertainment is a world-leading video game studio located in Malmö, Sweden and is part of the Ubisoft family. It consists of a multinational team of more than 550 passionate, and highly skilled people from more than 45 different countries. Massive studio is a creative and devoted workplace full of dedicated employees. Massive Entertainment has a wide experience in game development, in software for developing games, and in playtesting.

MSCA Widening Fellow
Dr. Konstantinos Makantasis
Institute of Digital Games,
University of Malta
email: konstantinos.makantasis@um.edu.mt
website: kmakantasis.gr
Host Supervisor
Prof. Georgios N. Yannakakis
Director, Institute of Digital Games,
University of Malta
email: georgios.yannakakis@um.edu.mt
website: yannakakis.net
Secondment Advisor
Dr. Alessandro Cannosa
Senior User Researcher,
Massive Entertainment AB
email: alessandro.canossa@massive.se         
Secondment Advisor
Mr. Ahmad Azadvar
User Research Project Manager,
Massive Entertainment AB,
email: ahmad.azadvar@massive.se