TAMED Publications

Journal Publications

  1. Makantasis K., Liapis A. & Yannakakis G. "The Pixels and Sounds of Emotion: General-Purpose Representations of Arousal in Games" IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (2021), 1-14 [pdf]

  2. Liu J., Snodgrass S., Khalifa A., Risi S., Yannakakis G. & Togelius J. "Deep Learning for Procedural Content Generation." Neural Computing and Applications, (2020), 1-19 [pdf]

Conference Publications

  1. Makantasis K., Voulodimos A., Doullamis A., Bakalos N., & Doulamis N. "Space-Time Domain Tensor Neural Networks: An Application on Human Pose Classification." 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2020 (ICPR2020) [pdf]